Hmm Irony…

It is Fortune cookie day….. And in other news, it’s also Defy Superstition Day! As for me I love friday the thirteenth. It’s always been a lucky day for me. I love black cats and I have learned how to walk under a ladder safely. Does this mean I am defying superstition or do I create my […]

Weirdos, Hazzah!

Wonderful weirdos Day means there are more of me’s out there! People who appreciate and celebrate weirdness. Spectacular, traffic stopping, abnormality and…. wait didn’t I post about keeping the balance between weird good and weird bad a while back, …yeah I think I did. oh maybe I didn’t. Let e see if I can find […]

Ironically, Newspaper Carriers Day

Yes I am ! I will celebrate newspaper carriers on-line where they don’t have to carry anything to my front step for me to know what the news is. The truth is one of my dear family members was a newspaper carrier his whole life. He started when he was 15 and delivered newspapers for […]

Serendipity and Women Suffrage

I have to start out by saying I disagree with the definition of serendipity in this link. Serendipity is NOT expecting anything, but rather luckily stumbling upon something wonderful. Yes, to live in a state of serendipity is to be grateful for and recognize those  something wonderfuls that happen to happen. But to constantly expect […]

Vinyl Record Day

One of the things I look for when I’m out at garage sales or thrift stores, are vinyl records. I have a few artists in particular that I look for, Jim Croce is my number one. When I was younger I was surrounded by hundreds of records, Beach Boys, Elvis, Oak Ridge Boys, … I […]

Lucille Ball

My Favorite Redhead! It’s true I do love lucy. Her drive to not give up her acting career despite many early rejections. Her courage to insist on her real husband playing her television husband at a time in history when mixed couples were taboo. Her business savvy to change the way television was produced, creating […]