The Day I wait for ALL YEAR!

That’s right boys and girls it national Talk Like a Pirate Day. ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGHAAA!!!!! Related articles Watch Out for Pirates! ( MDC-T must accept defeat ( Fans Welcome Pirates Home With Long Standing Ovation ( Pirate Bedroom Ideas, Pirate Room Ideas ( Epitaphs & Tombstones for Pirates ( PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5 Filming Delayed; Release […]


Wife Appreciation Day Thank You Day National Felt Hat Day National Creme de Menthe Day Greenpeace Day International Day of Democracy Related articles Monthly Peace Challenge: Quote This ( Winnipeg’s Peace Day celebration expands from one day to week of activities ( Re: WHERE’S THERE A CRASH? WORLD ECONOMY COLLAPSING!!! ( Pray for Peace – […]

Farmers, Studebaker’s, And Nicaragua Independence

Finding of the True Cross in Greece San Jacinto Day in Nicaragua  Farmers’ Consumer Awareness Day! International Drive Your Studebaker Day   AND Cream Filled Donut Day! Related articles Studebaker Pickup Trucks ( Colombia will do “everything in its capacity” to thwart Nicaragua’s “expansionist ambitions” ( Highlights of Our Trip to the Nicaragua Orphanage ( […]

Hmm Irony…

It is Fortune cookie day….. And in other news, it’s also Defy Superstition Day! As for me I love friday the thirteenth. It’s always been a lucky day for me. I love black cats and I have learned how to walk under a ladder safely. Does this mean I am defying superstition or do I create my […]

Chocolate milkshakes, police women and video games!

Ok I haven’t done a foodie post in a while so I thought we should have a light day. It is Chocolate milkshake day! Yummy… And it is also a day to celebrate women police  officers. I know, I know, some of you are saying yummy to that as well (rolls eyes), ah well. The […]

OH could it really be! It’s thrift shop day!

  It is also Marcus Garvey’s Birthday! International Geocaching day, Indonesian National Day, Homeless animals day , & National Vanilla custard day. Related articles Today’s Birthday: MARCUS GARVEY (1887) ( Rallying round Marcus Garvey ( Marcus Garvey 1887-1940 ( Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr (1887-1940) ( Thrift Tip: Shop Often ( Can We Go Thrift Shopping? ( Blog Six: […]

Women, Independence, and Soul

There are a plethora of reasons to celebrate today, fun, historical, and yummy! Independence Day,Central African Republic International Lefthanders Day Lao Issara, Day of the Free Laos Revolution Anniversary, Republic of Congo Women’s Day, Tunisia O – Bon / Festival of Souls (lunar date), Japan Tanabata, Japan O – Bon / Festival of Souls (solar […]