I love this quote! It reminds me of my High School Cross-Country days, and even when I was younger. I use to run and run, just because I was young and I had energy to burn. Mostly I ran alone, until I joined cross country.

As a runner I know that there are times I want to beat my personal best. At those times when I know I need to push myself to do better, I need to focus on moving forward and not what or who is around me. Running, like life, is an individual sport. Each individual is solely responsible for pushing themselves toward their own goal(s).

However, (and I’m sure you heard the ‘but’ coming with the opening quote) sometimes as a runner I will pace myself with my peers. To encourage one another on, we meet in the exertion, the path is our sanctuary.

There needs to be a balance of both. I remember one particular friend who was struggling to finish the race, and I slowed down to keep pace with her. At the time I was torn. I had had a really good start


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