Rose, J.

A Rose by any other name, will still light loves way!

Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rainy Rose

Rainy Rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I find the conection with roses and romance interesting in light of the calling of a compass a ‘rose.’ While Shakespeare’s original quote is “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Inferring that the characteristics of something do not change if we decide it is something else.

In the movie Rose, J. Love is still love, no matter what shape it takes, regardless of race or gender, and it is not always romantic, it is familial, brotherly, motherly, ect.,  but most especially, it is always all around us.

English: Replica of a wind rose from a chart o...

English: Replica of a wind rose from a chart of Jorge de Aguiar, 1492. See other versions for the original. Français : Réplique d’une rose des vents extraite d’une carte de Jorge de Aguiar de 1492. Voir l’original dans la section Other version. Português: Réplica de uma rosa-dos-ventos de uma carta de marear de Jorge de Aguiar (1492). Ver original em “Other versions” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

മലയാളം: Rose

മലയാളം: Rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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