The Day I wait for ALL YEAR!

That’s right boys and girls it national Talk Like a Pirate Day. ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGHAAA!!!!! Related articles Watch Out for Pirates! ( MDC-T must accept defeat ( Fans Welcome Pirates Home With Long Standing Ovation ( Pirate Bedroom Ideas, Pirate Room Ideas ( Epitaphs & Tombstones for Pirates ( PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5 Filming Delayed; Release […]

Women, Independence, and Soul

There are a plethora of reasons to celebrate today, fun, historical, and yummy! Independence Day,Central African Republic International Lefthanders Day Lao Issara, Day of the Free Laos Revolution Anniversary, Republic of Congo Women’s Day, Tunisia O – Bon / Festival of Souls (lunar date), Japan Tanabata, Japan O – Bon / Festival of Souls (solar […]

Lucille Ball

My Favorite Redhead! It’s true I do love lucy. Her drive to not give up her acting career despite many early rejections. Her courage to insist on her real husband playing her television husband at a time in history when mixed couples were taboo. Her business savvy to change the way television was produced, creating […]

P. T. Anderson and shades

Ok, So…yesterday I found out it was Paul Thomas Anderson’s birthday. He is my favorite director/producer (well actually its a close tie between him and Kevin Smith). SO a very happy Belated Birthday for P.T.Anderson! Today however, is Sunglasses Day! So don’t forget your protective eyewear today, it’s going to be a sunny one. Related […]

Joss Whedon

Happy Birthday! He is credited for writing strong female roles. Having the pedigree of one of the top writers in film and television he is also thinks differently enough to challenge the status quo. Story lines like Dollhouse, that explored issues of identity and trust; Firefly; the wildly popular Buffy, who kicked major butt, and many […]