Vinyl Record Day

Gramophone records containing scientific lectures

Gramophone records containing scientific lectures (Photo credit: Science Museum London)

One of the things I look for when I’m out at garage sales or thrift stores, are vinyl records. I have a few artists in particular that I look for, Jim Croce is my number one. When I was younger I was surrounded by hundreds of records, Beach Boys, Elvis, Oak Ridge Boys, … I don’t remember the name of the group of my first record, but I do remember it was a christian boy band and looking at their hansom faces wondering if singing was their idea or did their parents make them?

I love music, all genres at some point will or have suited the vibe just right. Eclectic, to be sure. One of the biggest reasons we need to preserve vinyl as a medium is because there are still a lot of material that has not been transferred to electronic copy.

“OK so transfer it?’ It doesn’t work that way. There may be some record sitting in your parents basement that is a recording of a historical speech or your cousins first recital…who knows. Then imagine the technology is forgotten to the point that when you do find that record years from now and there are no more record players to let you hear it.

Imagine we stopped using English, someone decided it was passé and invented a new language. So years later after everyone  switched to the new language, the writings of Shakespeare, Hemingway, Shelly, Gaimen  and so forth, are discovered but no one can interpret what they say.

WE lose as a culture to dismiss old technology! On this day, remember Vinyl, talk about Vinyl, play ’em if you got ’em.


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