Sky Scrapers & Rarebit

When I think of skyscrapers I  think of the song Teardrop Windows because it’s about a tall building that is no longer the beloved building it once was when a taller building is built. But the video didn’t show the pictures I saw in my head. Still it’s fun. So here is the video.   […]

Topless Independent Trains

GO Topless day, National Banana Split Day, Kiss and make up Day, Second Hand Wardrobe day,  &   Constitution day in Paraguay, Independence day in Uruguay,  Liberation Day in Hong Kong,  & “17-year-old singer named Eva Narcissus Boyd, who scored her first and only #1 hit on this day in 1962 with “The Loco-Motion.”   Related articles Pittsburgh […]

Fly your flag, whatever it may be.

Constitution Day in Georgia, Independence Day in the Ukraine, and National Flag Day in Kazakhstan & Liberia. Italy has two things to celebrate. “Maria Teresa de Filippis–the first woman ever to compete in Formula One racing–drives a Maserati in the Portuguese Grand Prix at Oporto on August 24, 1958.” Mount Vesuvius Day, the anniversary of the eruption in 79 […]

Debussy and Poe

So Google informed me that it is Claude Debussy’s birthday. Happy Birthday! Upon further investigation I found out that he left some pieces unfinished when he died. Musical compositions that were inspired by Edgar Allen Poe. I love Edgar Allan Poe’s writing and to be honest with you I’m getting all kinds of side tracked […]

OH could it really be! It’s thrift shop day!

  It is also Marcus Garvey’s Birthday! International Geocaching day, Indonesian National Day, Homeless animals day , & National Vanilla custard day. Related articles Today’s Birthday: MARCUS GARVEY (1887) ( Rallying round Marcus Garvey ( Marcus Garvey 1887-1940 ( Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr (1887-1940) ( Thrift Tip: Shop Often ( Can We Go Thrift Shopping? ( Blog Six: […]

Women, Independence, and Soul

There are a plethora of reasons to celebrate today, fun, historical, and yummy! Independence Day,Central African Republic International Lefthanders Day Lao Issara, Day of the Free Laos Revolution Anniversary, Republic of Congo Women’s Day, Tunisia O – Bon / Festival of Souls (lunar date), Japan Tanabata, Japan O – Bon / Festival of Souls (solar […]

Vinyl Record Day

One of the things I look for when I’m out at garage sales or thrift stores, are vinyl records. I have a few artists in particular that I look for, Jim Croce is my number one. When I was younger I was surrounded by hundreds of records, Beach Boys, Elvis, Oak Ridge Boys, … I […]