Independent Film Makers


creativity (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Today I finally submitted information to IMDB on my new movie. I worked on the script and recruited cast and crew for the last  year now. I have also been juggling other tasks, like school, parenthood, my day job, ect. We began production this month so I figured it was time to put the information out there.

You know, give credit where credit is due. The thing is, there are so many contributing influences, and people that had their own part in creating this story that I couldn’t even count them all. The United States say’s they want to start counting creativity as a GrossDomesticProduct not just what is capitalized on but also the time an artist spends creating art.

There are MANY independent film makers who brain storm as they are doing all these other things because we have bills, and families, ect. So much that to try and put a monetary amount on that creativity blows my mind.

I do like the idea of acknowledging the work that artists do to contribute to our society. So maybe if you have the chance, buy some art. Celebrate Creativity by showing your support for local artist, musician, film makers, because while the USA may have good intentions on including creativity in the GDP it will still help to have actual monetary amount to measure, and it helps the artists.

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