In San Marino they are celebrating the Fall of Fascism, in Peru they are celebrating Independence Day, and on Faroe Island they are celebrating Olavsoka Eve.

On this day in the United States, in 1866, the Buffalo Soldiers  were established. In 1868 the 14th Amendment was adopted. While the 14th Amendment guaranteed to African Americans citizenship and all its privileges, the military, schools, and various other establishments kept a ‘separate but equal’ status.

Buffalo Soldiers, the African-American regiments served in many wars including both world wars.  They were disbanded in the 1940 and 50’s when the country started to embrace integration.

Let’s celebrate those hard working Americans who fought for our country, and all the different measures of Freedoms that do exist throughout the world. It’s not a perfect world yet, but it is encouraging to know there has been some progress made.

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