Dance, walk , boat or Barbie


English: [Photo] 1922—Horseback riding for rec...

English: [Photo] 1922—Horseback riding for recreation in the Gila Wilderness. 1922—Horseback riding for recreation in the Gila Wilderness. Inspired by writings of Aldo Leopold, the Forest Service made the Gila Wilderness first of the many national forest wilderness areas. Photo by W. H. Shaffer FS #383532 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is a day to dance! For your health and the joy of dancing.


It is also take your pants for a walk day. Which, for some reason makes me think of those joke leashes with the pretend pet at the end. I bet I could make one. Just put a lot of starch on the pants then walk them around by the belt. It would probably be easier to wear them to walk them…hmm.


If your hips are bothering you or you want to raise awareness about Perthes you could go Paddle a boat or kayak today.


Or go horseback riding in honor of National Day of the Cowboy!


I bet you are wondering how a Barbie fits into all these activities.


Well apparently back in 1999 Utah-based artist Tom Forsythe

‘created a series of photographs, titled “Food Chain Barbie,” portraying nude Barbies in suggestive poses among kitchen appliances. Mattel filed a lawsuit, claiming copyright infringement and demanding that Forsythe stop
selling prints. After five years, the case was finally settled on June 30th, 2004: a federal judge ruled that Mattel pay Forsythe 1.8 million in legal fees and court costs, calling Mattel’s suit “frivolous” and “unreasonable.”

So Now We celebrate Free Speech by remembering ‘Barbie in a blender’ on July 27th.



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