Thread the Needle

Illustration for section "Plain sewing&qu...

Illustration for section “Plain sewing” in Encyclopedia of Needlework. Fig. 1. Knotting the thread into the needle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My first year of high school I attended a private school where girls were expected to take a corse on domestic skills and boys took a course on mechanical skills. The presumption that girls only went to school to find husbands was rather heavy in the air. I resented being taught how to sew, even though the truth was the year prior I had sewn an entire dress just because I enjoy doing things with my hands. (yes, I’m a tactile learner.) I would have enjoyed the mechanical class because that would have been new information. Instead, I spent my early mornings listening to an albeit well meaning older lady tell me how to still be in love with your husband after so many years, and “if in doubt, submit.”

Most people I meet find it extremely difficult to believe that a modern woman could have been raised with such antiquated values. I have had to learn how abandon a lot of ideas that do not suit me, stand up for what I do believe in, and figure out which is what. All the while having no one person who accepts me regardless. I consult myself. I stand alone. At the end of the day I think we all do.

This is what I think of when I hear ‘Thread the needle.’ Sewing, balance, power, focus… all these things are connected. As you learn to keep balance in your life, focus on your specific intention, learn to ignore the distractions that do not suit you, and stitch together the life of YOUR dreams, remember you are never really alone, if you are your own best friend.

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