Geek out

Geeking Out

Geeking Out (Photo credit: Leah L. White)

Today is Embrace your Geekness Day. Do whatever it is that you are so stoked about that you know more than the average person.

Do you love music? and have researched your favorite band, know all their names, birthdays, first job, girlfriend, children’s name, eye color, ect.

Maybe you are into sports and know all the players pitching average, longest yard run, most baskets, children, eye color, ect.

By the way Yesterday was different color eye day.

So, I guess you know what I geek out about. To me life is an adventure. These little holidays give me a chance to appreciate a wider variety of why I’m glad to be alive.

Oh yeah, and I play Magic:The Gathering.

What do you geek out about?

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