Cheer up the Lonely Day

When I was growing up my parents took me to various nursing homes to visit. The idea that the people were strangers to me never phased my father. ‘That’s why we are here to meet them.’ he’d say. This was his approach to life, not just nursing homes. My father also has been known to pick up hitchhikers, strike up conversation with people at the store or where ever he happened to be. Some of those people did become very good friends of ours.

If you care to celebrate today, you don’t have to go to a nursing home to find lonely people. Although I’m not going to stop you if you choose to do that, there are some lovely new friends you can make there. Look around you, there are lonely people everywhere. If you have a heart to love them. A smile, some happy words, and a hug, can make a huge difference, and bring joy to your life as well.

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