History in the making

With the recent Federal Legislation, deeming the anti-same sex marriage laws unconstitutional, I feel I need to recognize and celebrate the changes that are happening in our country. I want to share this video because seeing this young man who knows who he is, he is not riddled with shame because he is different. He makes mention of the millions of people who take their own life (and many more are beaten down) for not fitting into the ‘norm.’

We can create a society where Homosexuality is not taboo or the subject of vulgar humor. In doing so we can save countless lives and allow the next generation to grow up with healthy self images instead of self depreciating.

I’m torn over one point he makes in his story. Why did the teacher ask the student to remove her confederate flag belt buckle? Even if I don’t agree with ‘confederate’ values, as long as she wasn’t disturbing other students by preaching that vile propaganda, she has the right to wear the belt buckle. However, the anti gay verbiage that followed was definitely unacceptable and I’m glad there was an adult who intervened.

Celebrate the confidence to be who you are, free of fear or shame!

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