Oh Fudge!


Marcella's fudge

Marcella’s fudge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aside from the obvious holiday, today is national Fudge Day. Fudge reminds me of my mother and father and summertime and going to the county fair. If we could not afford anything else, we alway made sure to get some fudge.
I realize that you may not relate to an ode to father. So, rather than prattle on about how wonderful my father is, (he is living proof that there are still descent men out there) I want to tell you about a game these two little boys made up. It’s called ‘you be daddy.’ In their fathers absence they would take turns acting out what they believed a father would be like. Comforting each other when they were scared, reading to each other, instructing each other, and once in an elaborate game of pretend rescued each other from the bad guy. It’s amazing to me that while things may not always be ideal, we are still ok. No matter your circumstance, with a little imagination your need can be fulfilled. Celebrate  your ability to meet your own needs. If you want flowers, don’t pine for some guy to give them to you, buy yourself flowers. If you think you should have gotten an apology, imagine  you had and move on with your life. If you want fudge, eat fudge!

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